Band Application 2024

It is time to apply!

Join us for EWOB 2024 on May 9-10-11

Applications must be submitted before December 8, 2023, end of day.

  • Meet & jam with wonderful musicians from around the world.
  • Showcase your band for European bluegrass festival & concert organizers, agents, managers, radio DJ's & music press. A great investment in your band's future.
  • Take part in the excellent EWOB workshops - a bluegrass music school at every EWOB.

How to apply?
Read the Artist info below.

Click Here to fill in the form that you can use for your band's application.

Follow the instructions on the application form.

Please note that we accept good quality MP3s only.

Agents & managers of artists who do not play bluegrass music, please do not contact us.

The EWOB festival is only for acoustic bluegrass music.

Artist Info:

Are any of the bands paid to perform at the EWOB Festival?

No. All bands - both European groups and our special guests from the USA, Canada or elsewhere - play a free showcase at the EWOB Festival. Unlike similar professional trade organizations with music conventions, at EWOB the bands do not pay a fee to showcase. No one involved with the EWOB Festival takes money for their work - organizers, volunteers, and musicians all work together to make this very special event a "labor of love" for bluegrass music. Each showcase is for 50 minutes, with some time for an encore.

Do bands receive some travel money or Expenses compensation?

Yes. We can offer an expenses compensation of 50 euro per person and also travel expenses for 1 car per band,  based on the home address of the band leader, as calculated by Currently the rate is 10 Euro cents per km. The number of cars are not taken into account. It is just the distance that decides the amount.

Entrance to the festival

Each band member and their partner receive a free ticket for three days of EWOB and can see all performances for free.

How about lodging?

Where can you stay when you attend the European World of Bluegrass Festival? There are many possibilities. Please be advised that the EWOB Festival is held on a European holiday weekend, so we suggest that you make your lodging reservations as early as possible. Performing artists and their partners can stay for free at our EWOB campsite, but you have to bring your own camping gear.